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                                  Home SUCCESS ISO9001 & CMC QUALITY SYSTEM CERTIFICATION

                                  Products List

                                      Pulp & Paper Testing

                                     Corrugated  Testing

                                     Other Lab Tester


                                    Contact Us

                                    TEL:086-571-8835 1253

                                    FAX:086-571-8835 1263

                                    Email: [email protected]

                                    Email: [email protected]


                                   About Us

                                  PNSHAR, as one SGS-Audited company & ISO-Certified company, has been engaged in the R&D and production of lab equipment for paper & paper packaging industry since 1985. All of our testers are mainly focusing on the lab demands of paper & paper packaging mills. We do not produce testing equipment for other industries, only for paper industry. In the paper industry, PNSHAR is the No.1 and the most professional manufacturer in China.
                                  Based on our good quality and reliable performance, we are enjoying the Chinese market, competing the European suppliers, American suppliers and Taiwan Suppliers......

                                     Products Center

                                  四点抗弯强度测定仪 四点抗弯强度测定仪